Journey-to-the-West: Journey-to-the-West

How to set as wallpaper?

1. Download:  The Lively Wallpaper Metro
The computer must be win10 or above operating system.

2. How to add wallpaper from local file or webpage?

Step 1. Download the wallpaper file. If the wallpaper is a video file, download it and then unzip it.
Step 2. Open the Lively Wallpaper Metro, Just click "Add wallpaper"tab and click Browse or enter a web URL.

Step 3. Or Drag and drop file to "Library" list.

3. See the App tutorial for more questions.

Wallpaper introduction

Journey to the West The creator is admin Free to share, Character Size:3.17MB Format: MP4, Journey to the West: An ancient Chinese literary masterpiece, one of the four Great masterpieces of Chinese literature. It tells the story of the Monkey King and other main characters' journey to the West, as well as their struggles and growth with demon, Relevant recommendations: Cartoon,Character,.
Uploader: admin
Format: MP4
Size: 3.17MB
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